Top 10 New Restaurants in Clementi that Offer Delivery-only


Smart City Kitchens has curated the 10 best restaurants in its newly launched facility in Clementi, Singapore. These restaurants in Clementi are able to gain access to numerous customers thanks to strategic location. If you’re staying near Clementi and are looking for restaurants in this area, you’re in luck! Here are the top 10 restaurants in Clementi that you can order from:

1. WHITE Restaurant

Image via Instagram/WHITE Restaurant

Widely known for their Original Sembawang White Bee Hoon – a uniquely Singaporean dish, WHITE Restaurant prides themselves as the founder of this sumptuous dish. 

Hungry? WHITE Restaurant also serves up a plethora of mouth-watering dishes! Ranging from Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves, Signature Meat & Seafood Roll and Salted Egg Sotong to Stir Fried Fish Head with Bitter Gourd. End your meal with their signature Orh Nee – Yam Paste with Gingko. Order now to enjoy this delicious spread of Singaporean dishes!

  • Food Category: Tze Char, Asian
  • Food Delivery Platforms: Deliveroo, GrabFood, foodpanda
  • WHITE Restaurant Website
  • Follow WHITE Restaurant on Facebook and Instagram
  • Price range: $$

2. Takagi Ramen

Image via Instagram/

Founded in 2015, Takagi Ramen currently has 8 outlets in Singapore. Takagi Ramen aims to bring Singaporeans authentic, quality ramen at affordable prices. 

Fresh handcrafted Hakata Noodles are submerged in flavourful Tonkotsu soup boiled for over 12 hours. Following that, the noodles are topped with succulent Chashu which are braised and marinated for more than 12 hours. Sounds delicious? Satisfy your Ramen cravings today by ordering from Takagi Ramen! We highly recommend the signature Takagi Ramen and Karaka-men.

3. Teafolia

Image via Instagram/Teafolia

Enjoy the latest Fruit Teas and Smoothies at Teafolia! Teafolia promises absolute freshness and serves up healthy, low carbs, low calories and low sugar options. Beyond their stellar beverages, Teafolia also offers keto and low sugar pastries. Undeniably the go-to for afternoon tea!

Quench your thirst with their Signature Fruit tea paired with a low sugar cake bundle now!


Image via Facebook/WOK HEY

Founded in 2017, WOK HEY delivers a modern interpretation of the traditional Asian stir-fry staples. Dishes at WOK HEY are customisable, affordable, nutritional and tasty! There are numerous toppings to choose from, from Brussel Sprouts, Seasoned Prawns, Tobiko, to Sous Vide Egg.

Hungry? Wait no more and order your favourite Zi Char dishes from WOK HEY. For an extra kick to your Zi Char dish, we highly recommend a dollop of Sambal Chilli!

  • Food Category: Asian Fast Food
  • Food Delivery Platforms: Deliveroo, GrabFood, Foodpanda, Getz
  • WOK HEY Website
  • Follow WOK HEY on Facebook
  • Price range: $

5. Boat Noodle Express

Image via Instagram/Boat Noodle Express

Thai noodles submerged in piping hot and flavourful broth, topped with slices of pork/beef and meatballs? Sounds absolutely yummy. Boat Noodle Express delivers unpretentious Thai Boat Noodles. The superb noodles are best paired with the Signature Thai Ice Milk Tea. All the noodles are hearty and delicious. However, our favourite has definitely got to be the Pork Special Soup and Beef Tomyum Soup. 

  • Food Category: Thai
  • Food Delivery Platforms: Deliveroo, GrabFood, Foodpanda, Getz
  • Boat Noodle Express Website
  • Follow Boat Noodle Express on Facebook and Instagram
  • Price range: $

6. Ryan’s Kitchen

Image via Instagram/Ryan’s Kitchen

Ryan’s Kitchen delivers the highest quality produce. Treat yourself to the best cuts of meat and sausages at Ryan’s Kitchen. From breakfast meals to burgers, pastas and a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options in their menu, there’s truly something for everyone!

Take your pick from Meat & Frites like the 100 Days Grain-Fed Ribeye Steak. Additionally, devour Ryan’s Burger signatures such as The No Frills which contains 100 Days Grain Fed Patty with Mayo Mustard and Tomato Relish.

  • Food Category: Western
  • Food Delivery Platforms: Deliveroo, GrabFood, Foodpanda
  • Ryan’s Kitchen Website
  • Follow Ryan’s Kitchen on Facebook and Instagram
  • Price range: $$

7. MOS Burger

Image via Instagram/MOS Burger

MOS Burger barely needs any introduction. This fast food chain originates in Japan in 1972. It offers one of the most delicious, and high quality burgers. Curious how MOS Burger got its name? Well, ‘M’ stands for Mountain – dignified and noble, ‘O’ stands for Ocean – wide and vast and ‘S’ stands for Sun – vibrant and life-giving. 

Beyond the usual Burger Buns, MOS Burger also delivers stellar Rice Burgers. We highly recommend the Ebi Rice Burger and Yakiniku Rice Burger!

  • Food Category: Japanese Fast Food
  • Food Delivery Platforms: Deliveroo, GrabFood, Foodpanda
  • MOS Burger Website
  • Follow MOS Burger on Facebook and Instagram
  • Price range: $

8. Rotiboy

Image via Facebook/Rotiboy

Founded in Penang, Malaysia in 1998, Rotiboy is making its way around the world. It is currently back in Singapore! The fluffy, soft and aromatic Coffee Buns needs no introduction. Many Singaporeans who take short trips to Johor Bahru would frequent this bakery.

Beyond the popular Coffee Bun, Rotiboy also serves up Mocha, Butter and Cheese buns. Order Rotiboy now to enjoy these fluffy buns which may evoke a sense of nostalgia!

  • Food Category: Bakery
  • Food Delivery Platforms: Deliveroo, GrabFood, Foodpanda
  • Rotiboy Website
  • Follow Rotiboy on Facebook and Instagram
  • Price range: $

9. Ong Lai Queen

Image via Instagram/ Ong Lai Queen

Why eat Pineapple Tarts only during Chinese New Year when you can enjoy this decadent treat all year round? Founder Mavis Ong bakes one of the best pineapple tarts in Singapore. Sweet and tangy pineapple paste is encased in a savoury buttery cookie crust. In fact, she is the winner of the 2018 Kiss 92 FM Great Pineapple Tart Bake Off! Order yours now to enjoy these melt-in-your-mouth artisanal Pineapple Tarts. Other bakes include Double Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies, Bomboloni and White Almond Cookies. We are sure you will enjoy them!

10. TIGAfolks & Co.

Image via Instagram/TIGAfolks & Co.

TIGAfolks & Co. serves professional gourmet food to all customers and they ensure that their ingredients are of high quality. Take your pick from their Meat Ala-carte selection like the Slow Roast Angus Tomahawk served with Sauteed Baby Potatoes with Italian Herbs and Signature Glaze or chow down on the scrumptious Beef Short Ribs, paired with our favourite pasta dish, the Penne Truffle Cream with Wild Mushroom. 

TIGAfolks & Co. also whips up amazing family feasts that serve 2-3 pax. We particularly love their best seller – Roast Beef Couple Feast TCF A. 

  • Food Category: Western
  • TIGAfolks & Co. Website
  • Follow TIGAfolks & Co. on Instagram
  • Price range: $$

Over to you

Don’t see any of your favourite restaurants delivering near you? Ask them to get on Smart City Kitchen now!

And if you happen to be running a restaurant, as you can see above, it doesn’t matter whether you’re running a bakery, bubble tea shop, fast food chain or a small restaurant, you’d still be able to expand your restaurant with CloudKitchens delivery kitchens without the need of a huge investment. Get in touch with us today!

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