Software that connects it all in a smart kitchen

Our food technology software is made for restauranteurs, chefs, and culinary teams in need of a kitchen rental solution. Instantly connect to our food technology stack to grow your business and manage orders in a single app. We provide valuable tools and insights to help manage your business, predict demand, and increase the return on your menus. Thanks to our state-of-the-art smart kitchens and digitally-advanced food technology, there’s never been a more cost-effective and risk-free way of growing your F&B business.


Serving up modern food technology

The current food landscape is constantly changing and so too is the technology utilised to simplify everyday procedures. Our management software is designed to not just keep up with the times, but stay ahead of it. Industry-leading food technology in our digital kitchens will help you streamline processes, minimise risk, and focus on what matters the most. Let us take care of the complexity, so you can take care of the food.


Consolidate all your delivery platforms

Connect all major delivery platforms available in your area through a single tablet in each smart kitchen. In our digital kitchen spaces, you can easily utilise the power of food technology by adding additional platforms without the need to manage multiple workflows.


Easily manage all delivery orders

Our single tablet system syncs all delivery orders coming in and going out of your smart kitchen and merges your orders and performance data into one place. There’s no need to enter orders manually into a POS or juggle multiple tablets with the food technology used in our digital kitchen rental spaces in Singapore.


Generate order demand

Want more customers? We'll help facilitate demand generation through consulting and delivery app marketing, which are crucial to your success in the delivery-centric world.


Run multiple brands from the same space

In a CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen, there’s no need to limit your kitchen space to producing food for just one brand. With Smart City Kitchens, you can tap into new customer bases and unlock new success paths for your food delivery businesses.


Everything is in your hands

The heart of your smart kitchen is in the food technology and the software you use. Take advantage of the advanced technology in our digital kitchen spaces that let you run your business smoothly, efficiently, and like never before.

Sync your delivery services

Connect your delivery services to one single tablet with our state-of-the-art food technology.

Manage your menus

Quickly delete items and manage your menus on the fly


Get a quick 360-degree view of your delivery business through innovative food technology

Manage your orders

Toggle between auto-confirming orders or manually confirming.

Get accurate reports

Export your reports and data onto valuable spreadsheets

Access your history

Get your order history to keep track of everything.

Food technology allows you to do a whole lot more

  • Order history / details
  • Order pausing
  • Manage and sync menus
  • Courier tracking
  • Custom prep times
  • 3rd party couriers
  • Powerful reporting
  • 24/7 support
  • Connect all delivery apps to single tablet
  • Merge order data to create actionable insights
  • Auto-accept and confirm orders

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