Orchard Food Market

1 Claymore Drive, #02-01, Singapore 229594

Orchard is one of the most iconic areas in Singapore, and has much to offer. For food businesses looking to get an edge in the booming delivery industry, Orchard has all necessary for the recipe for success.

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A collection of restaurants in Singapore’s heartland

An entire 1-story facility in Orchard serving over 750 condominiums, office workers, and more. Plenty of Western, Japanese, and local cuisines already serve the area.

High Average Order Volume

Orchard residents have one of the highest average spending powers in Singapore

Large Volume Areas Covered

Centrally-located and well-connected, riders can bring food to most of the island.

High Average Orders Per Cuisine

A wide variety of cuisines are already consolidating a promising market and plenty of demand.

High Repeat Order Rate

Office workers in the area become predictable regulars that sustain plenty of businesses.

/ Location

Great location in the right place

At the heart of Singapore, 750 condominiums and 5.5% of the population are ready to start ordering more food on delivery platforms. This 1-story facility is just 5 minutes away from Orchard MRT, and operates in a market with a high average spending power of $33.


within a 3km radius


Average spending power per order


Online restaurants in the area

  • 1-story facility at the heart of Singapore
  • 5 minutes to Orchard MRT
  • Office crowd in the central area
  • High population of expats and foreigners

Kitchen types

Large kitchen

230 sq ft

Our larger spaces are normally used by bigger, multinational chains who want to expand their business. However, they’re also perfect for those who expect more orders, have larger pieces of kitchen equipment, or more complex kitchen processes.

Suitable cuisine

Chinese Food

Western Food

Japanese Food


150 sq ft

Mid-sized kitchen rentals are perfect for a wide range of businesses. It’s small enough to have much less risk associated than taking the traditional restaurant route, but big enough for you to grow and expand your business from the same space.

Suitable cuisine

Singaporean Food

Japanese Food


100 sq ft

Our smaller kitchen rental spaces are perfect for new brands who want to experiment with a new cuisine or new area. Especially with our short-term leases, there’s little risk involved but plenty of room for success.

Suitable cuisine


Western Food


Check out the brands that are available in this facility.

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