April 19, 2024

6 Ways to Embrace Smart Technology in Singapore’s Commercial Kitchens

The culinary landscape in Singapore is varied, with a wide range of flavours from different parts of the world that appeal to both residents and visitors, creating a hub of culinary pleasures. Dining at restaurants extends beyond a mere tradition; it plays a significant role in defining our cultural heritage. Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, Singaporeans’ love for tasty food remained unwavering.

In June 2022, there was a notable 76.8% increase in sales for restaurants in Singapore compared to the previous year. The food and beverage sector greatly influenced Singapore’s GDP in 2022, with approximately $5.26 billion, which is projected to hit $13.5 billion by 2023.

6 Technological Trends in the SG Food Services Industry

Before the pandemic, the Singaporean food services sector was already adjusting to evolving consumer trends in preferences, taste, packaging, and technology. As we adapt to the new normal, there is a strong demand for eco-friendly products, sustainable ingredients, and convenient meal options.

Despite the option to dine in again, customers still prefer getting delivery or takeout. It’s not only about the food but also about the ways technology is transforming our kitchens.

1. Robots and Machines in Kitchens

The use of robots and machines ensures quality, affordability, and safety. These tireless mechanical helpers cut down costs while keeping food fresh. Imagine precision robotic arms slicing through the toughest cuts of meat, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

2. Operational Technology and Kiosks

Kiosks are appearing in food courts and big chains such as McDonald’s and KFC. These automated ordering stations improve customer convenience by enabling them to place orders and make payments easily. The digital revolution is changing how we engage with food services, creating more seamless and effective dining experiences.

3. Vending Machines

Vending machines now offer more than just snacks and drinks. In Singapore, they are entering eateries to provide fast and touchless food choices. Picture a section of your preferred restaurant outfitted with a vending machine filled with recently made salads, sandwiches, or even upscale desserts. These self-service stations are designed for both busy professionals and food lovers, offering a smooth dining experience.

4. Pre-Order Apps

Singaporeans are big fans of efficiency, and pre-order apps are becoming increasingly popular. Imagine this: you’re headed to your job, yearning for your beloved Laksa from the nearby hawker centre. By simply tapping on your phone, you can place your order, adjust the spice level according to your preference, and select your pickup time. When you get there, your steaming laksa is prepared, and you’ve avoided waiting in line. These applications not only help in saving time but also enable restaurants to handle orders with better efficiency.

5. Voice Technology

Voice assistants are now expanding beyond our homes and making their way into restaurant kitchens as well. While handling various tasks, chefs now can request Alexa to create a five-minute timer. Operations are made more efficient through voice commands for finding recipes, changing temperatures, and checking inventory. Picture an extremely busy chef asking Siri to add more chilli to the curry, indicating that this is not fantasy but rather the forthcoming method of communication in the kitchen.

6. POS Systems

Point-of-sale (POS) systems have advanced past simple transaction processing. In Singapore, eateries are implementing cloud-based POS systems that seamlessly combine with inventory tracking, employee scheduling, and client information. These systems offer instantaneous information, assisting restaurant owners in making knowledgeable choices. POS systems enable businesses to succeed in a competitive market by monitoring ingredient expenses and studying customer preferences.

Where Tradition Meets Innovation

In Singapore’s hot kitchens, tradition and technology blend. Our culinary exploration ranges from simple street stalls to prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants, all driven by creativity. While the scent of laksa mixes with the sound of modern appliances, we rejoice in the blend that characterises our culinary triumph.

Whether you wield a spatula or envision your restaurant empire, embrace the digital revolution—it’s the secret ingredient that elevates every dish. The future of food is smart, and Singapore’s kitchens lead the way.

About Smart City Kitchens

Smart City Kitchens offers modern commercial kitchen facilities for restaurants, cloud kitchens, and food delivery businesses. Our strategic locations across Singapore have been beneficial for many food and beverage brands, particularly in difficult times such as the pandemic. Come and enhance your cooking experience with innovative technology solutions.

For more information, visit Smart City Kitchens today.

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