October 04, 2023

Top Restaurant Technology Trends

Since the onset of the pandemic, many of Singapore’s restaurants have started putting resources into the food delivery market, aiming to stand out and survive in the highly competitive food scene. Numerous restaurants in the island nation are turning to adopting cutting-edge technologies to improve the efficiency of their business operations, all with an eye on enhancing the dining experience for Singaporeans. 

Utilising these new technologies and adapting to ongoing trends become the keys to success,  given that the F & B industry is continuously changing in the digital age. SmartCity Kitchens highlights three of the leading technology trends for you. Read on to get a pulse on what’s moulding our industry’s future and seize the opportunity to drive your restaurant business toward success.

1.) Adding extensive enhancements to food delivery apps

Singapore’s online food delivery sector has been expanding rapidly. The number of food ordering platforms and apps has increased drastically over the past years, forming an integral part of their daily lives. Catering to Singapore’s diverse palette, these platforms continuously innovate, introducing new features, widening their food selections, and ensuring a user-friendly experience that resonates with the tech-savvy Singaporean crowd.

Such platforms don’t just benefit the consumers. They’re a blessing for many eateries, especially those that had to curtail their dine-in capacities due to safe distancing measures since the pandemic. Many local F&B businesses, from street food vendors and cosy dining options to high-end restaurants, have modified their business models, opting to focus more on the food delivery market. By partnering with a third-party food delivery service, local restaurants have been estimated to increase their revenue by up to 30%. This significant increase has prompted their shift in business direction for longevity.

2.) Contactless payments

By the beginning of 2023, Singapore has seen a significant embrace of digital payments with the number of e-wallet users reaching at least 4 million in 2022. The widespread use of credit cards, digital wallets, mobile wallets, and QR code payments positioned the nation at the forefront of the contactless payment movement. 

The pandemic gave an added push. Singaporeans began to prefer digital payments over cash for reasons related to hygiene and safety. With food delivery apps, it is no longer necessary for customers to carry cash and worry about payment upon delivery of their dining order. The added convenience of pre-payment enabled by these apps enhances the dining experience, allowing them to focus entirely on savouring their delicious meal. This shift offers consumers unparalleled convenience while aiding restaurants in streamlining their service.

3.): Tablet-integrated POS systems 

Responding to the evolving business environment and Singaporeans’ dining preferences, many restaurants here are quickly integrating cutting-edge tech solutions into their operations. The adoption of Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems with tablets has become especially prevalent. Restaurant owners and managers are able to supervise a range of operations, from reservations to inventory management, with all the data available on a centralised cloud platform. Such innovations not only assist in efficient data management but also facilitate real-time insights to refine operations. It means a more streamlined process, ensuring precise preparation and delivery for the restaurant personnel.

These digital solutions are more than mere operational tools. They’re pivotal in ensuring sustainable profitability and keeping Singapore’s F&B sector at the pinnacle of global trends.

Eager to dive into the changes?

For the businesses in the F&B sector, the priority is clear: adapt to the fast-paced, tech-infused shifts of our industry. If you’re feeling a step behind during this transitional phase, it’s time to adopt relevant adjustments. SmartCity Kitchens, with its deep understanding of the local market, can offer you the technological change to ensure you’re poised for a roaring success.

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