October 26, 2023

Virtual Brands: The Key Ingredient for Restaurant Triumph

Curious about virtual brands and how they work? Interested in creating one for your restaurant in the Lion City? If you’re a Singaporean entrepreneur curious about the buzz surrounding virtual brands and uncertain about the process, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll show you how to swiftly and effortlessly launch your first virtual brand for your restaurant using your existing resources.

What Exactly Is a Virtual Brand?

Let’s start by unravelling the concept of virtual brands. These innovative platforms offer restaurants in Singapore the opportunity to increase their earnings by establishing digital storefronts on popular food delivery platforms. These brands exist solely online, enabling customers to place orders through these digital platforms. While it may sound futuristic, this concept is already a thriving reality in Singapore.

Why Should You Consider Creating a Virtual Brand?

The answer is straightforward! Today’s diners in Singapore are adventurous and open to experiencing new and uncharted culinary delights. This makes venturing into the world of virtual brands online a highly promising endeavour.

Here are several key advantages:

1. Establish Your Presence on Delivery Platforms

You can increase your brand exposure by creating multiple virtual brands across popular platforms. Your brand appears numerous times on these delivery apps, expanding your audience reach.

2. Boost Sales

Optimised visibility on these apps often results in a rise in orders, generating higher revenue for your business.

3. Efficient Kitchen Space Utilisation

Make the most of any unused kitchen capacity by utilising it to prepare additional mouthwatering dishes for delivery.

4. Minimise Waste and Utilise Existing Inventory

Take advantage of the ingredients you already have, reducing food waste and optimising your resources.

5. Experiment with New Ideas  

Virtual brands provide you with the flexibility to experiment with new dishes without altering your main restaurant’s menu.

6. Make more money!

Increase your revenue by using your existing assets, including your inventory and kitchen staff, to maximise your profit potential.

Getting Started on Your Virtual Brand

To embark on this exciting journey, begin by crafting a concept for your virtual brand. Think about the types of dishes that resonate with your local community. Then, dive into food delivery apps to identify untapped opportunities. Leverage your culinary strengths as a foundation, with the goal of specialising in a particular food category.

Crafting the Perfect Name for Your Virtual Brand(s)

Naming your brand is a simple process. There’s a multitude of name combinations that can work effectively. Alternatively, take inspiration from well-known food delivery apps. Just ensure that the name you choose is available.

Crafting the Ideal Menu for Your Virtual Brand(s)

Simplicity and Clarity are the two secret ingredients to a winning menu. Customers tend to prefer menus that are easy to understand. Arrange your menu by categorising items, ensuring that each option includes distinct choices and descriptions. Furthermore, contemplate incorporating enticing photos into your menu to attract a greater number of orders.

Tips for Virtual Brand Success

To guarantee your virtual brand’s triumph, follow these five crucial tips:

1. Prioritise Quality

Deliver your dishes promptly without compromising on quality.

2. Embrace Branded Packaging

Choose the containers and packages that reflect your brand, leaving a strong first impression on your customers.

3. Cultivate Customer Connections

Discover ways to make your customers feel special, whether it’s through a thank-you note or special vouchers included with their orders.

4. Implement Promotions

Stand out on delivery apps by offering enticing discounts and special deals.

Streamlined Order Management for Your Virtual Brand

Establishing a virtual brand requires a dedicated tablet for order management. Nonetheless, this can occasionally result in confusion and missed orders.

But fear not – we have the solution!

With our all-inclusive solutions and seasoned guidance from Smart City Kitchens, you can confidently navigate the virtual brand landscape. Embrace this new era of dining, harness the potential of virtual brands, and witness your restaurant’s triumph reaching new heights.

Smart City Kitchens is here to assist you in fully realising the potential of your culinary creations and delivering a delightful experience to your customers. Don’t let the opportunity slip by to boost your restaurant’s revenue while delighting the diverse palates of Singaporean diners. It’s time to embrace the future of dining and transform your business into a virtual brand success story.If you are intrigued by the prospect of launching your own CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen in Singapore, complete the form or contact us today.

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