August 26, 2022

Prepped and Set – Singapore Commercial Kitchen Equipment Guide


The CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen revolution is upon us – and it’s not likely to slow down any time soon, thanks to how COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our lifestyles. Opening a CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen may seem like a long, daunting, and arduous step for any food business or individual due to the need for setting up commercial kitchen equipment. Still, plenty of eateries have taken the plunge and are reaping the rewards. This can be attributed to the many benefits that come with CloudKitchens® delivery kitchens, such as those provided by Smart City Kitchens, as they already have an established customer base and are strategically located in various parts of Singapore to ensure maximum exposure. 

While the location may already be set up, which saves food businesses a lot of time, it is necessary to take a step back and think about all the commercial kitchen equipment needed to ensure your establishment runs smoothly and can cook the delectable delicacies that will keep your customers in Singapore coming back for more. 

With that in mind, Smart City Kitchens has prepared a comprehensive list of much-needed commercial kitchen equipment that food businesses will need when setting up shop in their CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen.

How Much Commercial Kitchen Equipment is Needed?

Before going on a spending spree, it is essential for eateries to mull over what commercial kitchen equipment they need and whether there is anything specific they have to purchase to cook the cuisine they specialise in. For example, Indian restaurants might need pressure cookers for basmati rice and curries, along with a tandoor oven to make naan bread. Knowing what items you need before you make your purchase can save you thousands of dollars, especially if you’re looking at speciality equipment imported from outside Singapore.

Since it can be complex to determine how much commercial kitchen equipment is needed, let’s break it down into a few simple questions. 

  1. What cuisine is being cooked? – Based on what food a business specialises in, it will be necessary to get all the different preparation and cooking equipment needed.
  1. How many customers are ordering? –  Depending on the number of orders per week, eateries can determine how much equipment they need to keep up with this. 
  1. What is your budget? – It is necessary to stick to a budget and not overspend. After all, you have a business to run! 
  1. Are there any regulations? – If certain types of commercial kitchen equipment are prohibited, stay away from them! 

With that sorted, let’s consider what commercial kitchen equipment businesses will need to operate their CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen.

#1. Ovens


Many CloudKitchens® delivery kitchens in Singapore will require at least one oven to cook certain dishes. Keep in mind that this commercial equipment is much more powerful than a regular home oven. 

That being said, the price can fluctuate drastically – from a couple of thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Keep the following in mind when forking out a bunch of cash for an oven:

  1. Will the oven be an integral piece of equipment?
  2. Is it necessary to get a top-of-the-line model?
  3. How much space can be dedicated to an oven?
  4. Which type of oven is needed – commercial, pizza, convection, etc. 

#2. Stoves

Yet another instrumental and must-have piece of commercial kitchen equipment, stoves also come with ovens to provide more options on how to cook dishes, whether that be frying, baking, or roasting them. When purchasing a stove in Singapore, you will be faced with two main choices:

  1. Gas stoves – Complete control over the temperature when cooking food is among the many benefits gas stoves provide. However, they can be notoriously difficult to clean and could be a health hazard due to gas leaks and fires. 
  2. Electric stoves – Besides being more energy-efficient, they are also easier to clean. But, it can be more of a hassle when cooking food, and certain cuisines that require a specific cooking method may not be possible to make on electric stoves.

#3. Fridges and Freezers


Let’s cool things down and look at two integral pieces of commercial kitchen equipment that all CloudKitchens® delivery kitchens will need – fridges and freezers. 

The Singapore Food Agency recommends maintaining temperatures of 4 degrees Celsius or below for fridges and -18 degrees or below for freezers to store food products safely. 

When purchasing fridges and freezers, be sure to consider the following:

  1. How big does it need to be?
  2. How much budget can be allocated towards it?

#4. Ventilation System


Proper ventilation is necessary for any commercial kitchen, meaning it’s worth investing in a ventilation system that allows adequate airflow. The last thing any food business owner in Singapore wants is employees getting uncomfortable due to the heat or having a potential safety hazard. 

Before installing ventilation equipment, think about these factors:

  1. How big is the kitchen?
  2. What are the local fire safety requirements?
  3. How much airflow is needed?

#5. Specialty Commercial Kitchen Equipment

As mentioned earlier, food businesses serving different cuisines will have varying specialty commercial kitchen equipment needs. Here’s what various eateries might need: 

  1. Pizza ovens 
  2. Woks
  3. Tandoor ovens
  4. Bamboo steamers

The list can go on and on, but everyone gets a general idea. 

#6. Safety Equipment 

CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen suppliers like Smart City Kitchens already provide all the safety equipment needed to get started. However, to adhere to the health and safety protocols of Singapore, check and make sure the following equipment is available in your commercial kitchen:

  1. Fire extinguishers
  2. First aid kits
  3. Security cameras

Kitted and Fitted

Having the right commercial kitchen equipment is imperative when moving into a CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen. While some of the gear comes courtesy of CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen providers like Smart City Kitchens, many equipment will still need to be bought. Since this can be a painstakingly long process, we have made it easier by providing a list of some of the best commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore. This way, eateries can hit the ground running once everything is in place and watch their business and profits soar.

Not sure if your business can be run from a CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen? Get in touch by filling out the form below!

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