October 07, 2022

Food Delivery Apps: 10 Ways Your Singapore Restaurant Can Stand Out


Online food delivery apps have exploded in popularity over the past few years and have been fueled by the Covid-19 pandemic. In Singapore, the number of users has risen consistently and is expected to hit 2.8 million this year. Fast forward three years, and it is predicted to surge to 3.6 million. With so many people ordering food online, it can be tough to get your restaurant or CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen noticed amongst all the competition. To give you a helping hand, we at Smart City Kitchens have come up with 10 ways your eatery can stand out on any food delivery app

  1. A name to remember
  2. Menu moniker
  3. Pick the right categories
  4. Appetising pictures
  5. Attractive promotions
  6. Superb ratings
  7. Striking images
  8. Combos and sets for the masses
  9. Wide range of prices
  10. Utilise the decoy effect

1. An appealing name


The name of your restaurant or CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen is the first point of contact when customers scroll through their app. When ordering food online, they will immediately be drawn to F&B businesses that have a catchy name and incorporate the type of food they are serving. 

So, if you specialise in Singaporean cuisine, including Singapore or Singaporean food after your restaurant’s name is helpful. This also serves as a great search engine optimisation tip as plenty of people will search for this type of cuisine every day. As a result, you can tap into this customer base and get many of them to order food from your eatery online if you have a memorable name. 

2. Menu name

menu name

When displaying what delicious delicacies your restaurant or CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen has to offer, use the generic name of the item and add the name of your eatery afterwards. So, if you serve mouth-watering Hainanese chicken rice, be sure to add that and then the moniker of your establishment. 

This is important because it will increase your chances of being found by customers who are hungry for that particular dish and ordering food online. 

3. Choose your categories

choose your categories on food delivery apps

When people are ordering food online, they regularly search by category. This may be the type of cuisine or a specific dish they are really in the mood for. With that in mind, be sure to indicate whether your restaurant or CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen specialises in Singaporean, Indian, American food, etc. 

To help you stand out further, you can add even more categories. For instance, if you serve healthy food, that is something you should advertise! The same goes with businesses that offer a fusion vibe, meaning it draws inspiration and combines flavours from Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine, for example. 

4. A picture is worth a thousand words


The main image you use for your restaurant on delivery apps has to be appealing and enticing. Remember, you want customers to choose your establishment, not the other way around! It is vital to ensure that the photo you use is authentic and not pixelated, meaning that graphics are usually a no-go. Text should be avoided for the most part as well, except if it’s the name of your restaurant. 

Essentially, the image you use can win over a diner in a few seconds. Remember to keep that in mind! 

5. Promotions


When the food delivery platforms you are on have promotions, make sure you jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of it! If you are a new business looking to win a legion of loyal customers, there is no better way to encourage them to try your food than by offering it at a discount. 

You should have your own promotions too that celebrate certain events, holidays, milestones or if you have introduced a new item on the menu that you predict will sell like hotcakes.

6. Good ratings

Customers who use online food delivery platforms often check out a restaurant’s ratings before ordering as they want to know whether it will whet their appetite. This is especially true for new customers or those who have been given recommendations but refer to the ratings and reviews to get a second opinion.

There are many factors that can impact your restaurant’s rating on food delivery apps, including: 

  • Customer rating
  • Reorder rating
  • New customer orders
  • Profile completion
  • Order completion
  • Promo participation

7. Professional photos


Any picture that gets uploaded onto your online food menu should be taken by a professional to better enhance people’s desire to choose your restaurant or CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen when ordering something to eat. There are so many savvy food photographers out there, so it’s just the case of finding one and ensuring the magic of your food is brought to life. 

8. Combos and sets

combos of different sizes on food delivery apps

Many people ordering food online might be placing large orders for parties of two, six or even 10 people. So to accommodate their needs, it is always useful to have combos and set options available. Clearly stating what dishes are included and adding the number of people it will serve is a nice touch too. 

9. Varying price range

The purchasing power of people in Singapore varies significantly, so make sure to take note of this when pricing your menu. Have items that accommodate everyone ordering food online. What this means is having low-priced, mid-priced and high-priced dishes that deliver flavour and value. 

10. The decoy effect

decoy effect

One of the top strategies employed by F&B businesses is utilising different sizes for their dishes. This makes customers take a step back and think whether a small or large one will be best for them. In many cases, they will settle for medium when ordering food on delivery apps as they will see it as cost-effective and the ideal size for them. 

It’s your time to shine

Given the tremendous number of people that are ordering food on any of the online delivery apps available in Singapore, you are now armed with the tricks of the trade to capture their attention and motivate them to order from your restaurant or CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen. Implementing the above tactics will definitely help you shine and send your sales skyrocketing! 

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