June 10, 2022

5 New Ideas to Improve your Restaurant Menu



The F&B industry is brutally competitive. In 2019, there were approximately 13,000 F&B establishments in Singapore, including restaurants, food outlets, cafes, food courts, and other eateries. Making a name for your restaurant amidst fierce competition can start with a menu revamp that gets people talking. Thus, restaurants need to constantly create innovative ways to stand out, so as to attract new customers and convert them into loyal diners. One of the best ways to convince people to keep coming back is by having a standout restaurant menu. How exactly do you do this? Well, we’re here to help: employ these five new and useful ideas to ensure your restaurant or CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen menu is up to scratch!

  1. Pictures are worth a thousand words
  2. First impressions matter
  3. Colour your customer impressed 
  4. A descriptive feast
  5. Seasonal classics

A quick glance at the industry

#1. Pictures are worth a thousand words

pictures-worth-thousand-words-improve restaurant-menu

Suppose there are certain items on your menu that you are particularly proud of or signature dishes at your CloudKitchens® kitchen, one of the best ways to encourage people to order them is through photographs. If local food is one of your specialities, such as Char Kway Teow, Hainanese chicken rice or Satays, show exactly what they look like! The images will stimulate your customers’ appetite and persuade them to order those particular items.  

#2. First impressions matter

first-timpressions-improve restaurant-menu

Let’s face it, if your menu isn’t up to par, your customers will not be coming back. Therefore, it is essential that the overall look, colour scheme, and menu items really shine. According to a Gallup poll, readers scan menus in just 109 seconds, meaning you have less than two minutes to create a strong first impression. If your menu is vertical, customers will likely focus most of their attention on the first and last items. With that in mind, make sure to put your best dishes and most profitable ones in those areas. 

#3. Colour your customer impressed 

menu-colour-scheme-improve restaurant-menu

Having a bold colour scheme that pops but isn’t too overwhelming for your customers is another idea for designing your menu. It is vital to strike a proper balance, though, as you don’t want the colours to be overly bland or vivid that it becomes a turnoff. One clever idea is to have colours that complement the type of cuisine your restaurant serves. If it’s Italian food, for example, reds, whites, and greens will be the obvious choices. But, make sure to blend these colours well so that the menu is welcoming and inviting while remaining easy on the eye so that the customer’s experience is a memorable one. 

#4. A descriptive feast

descriptive-feast-improve restaurant-menu

When describing the dishes on your menu, consider whether the titles and descriptions really work up an appetite. If they don’t, then something definitely needs to change. Descriptive language is key to ensuring your CloudKitchens® restaurant menu stands out. Having words like “tender”, “homemade”, or “oven-roasted” can increase sales as it hits home with your customers and tugs at their heartstrings while also boosting their hunger and desire to try the items offered on your menu. 

#5. Seasonal classics

seasonal-classics-improve restaurant-menu

No CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen can go wrong with having traditional classics on their menu. Everyone gets bitten by the nostalgia bug at some point, and having those old-school favourites on your menu is a new idea you might want to consider adding to your eatery. Besides timeless classics, updating your menu with seasonal specials is also necessary to keep customers coming back for more. Again, stick with the favourites, but add your own twist or flair to ensure your version of the dish is unique. This will also encourage them to recommend your restaurant or CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen to friends, family, or on social media. 

Food for thought

Having a restaurant menu that looks good, but also reads good, is incredibly important. You want your visitors to have the ultimate dining experience, and starting that off by leaving a lasting impression with your menu is a surefire way to win their loyalty. Essentially, it all boils down to trying these new menu ideas and reaping the rewards. Remember, the best way to win your customer’s hearts is through their stomach!

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