June 24, 2022

10 Online Marketing Tips to Boost Singapore Restaurant Sales


Why is there a need for restaurants to care about online marketing strategies? Well, it’s safe to say the F&B industry is one of the most competitive sectors worldwide, let alone in a thriving metropolitan hub like Singapore. With the country being home to around 13,000 restaurants in 2019, competition is rife. Eateries are looking for any way to stand out from the crowd, and many have flocked to establish their presence online in a bid to boost their customer base. With many establishments still figuring out the top ways to boost sales, we at Smart City Kitchens have put together the 10 best online marketing tips for restaurants to utilise and send their profits soaring sky-high. 

  1. Cultivate Rave Reviews
  2. Become a Social Media Sensation
  3. Proactively Promote Your Restaurant
  4. Tip 4. Streamline Online Ordering
  5. Send Out a Noteworthy Newsletter
  6. Offer Fruitful Freebies
  7. Run Awareness Ads
  8. Publish Brilliant Blogs
  9. Have a Presence On Google
  10. Work With Influencers

Tip 1: Cultivate Rave Reviews

Reviews can make or break any restaurant as the people’s word spreads like wildfire. This is why it is essential to deliver top-quality food every time you get an order, as having happy customers who leave positive reviews is a tried and tested marketing strategy sure to impact your sales…in a good way!

In addition to food, creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere helps with marketing your restaurant as your product is the entire dining experience. Encouraging your customers to leave reviews through social media and review sites can also increase the chances of receiving positive feedback. Additionally, offering special promotions or incentives for customers to leave reviews can also help cultivate positive reviews.

Tip 2: Become a Social Media Sensation

Having a strong presence on social media is essential nowadays, especially given how many people are on the different platforms available today. Posting regular updates about your restaurant or CloudKitchens® Delivery Kitchen is an excellent marketing move that will provide a behind-the-scenes look into how your F&B business operates and create a more personal connection with your customers.

Tip 3: Proactively Promote Your Restaurant

Promotions are an old-school online marketing tactic, but they still work. They attract attention and open the door to potential new customers, which possibly means more sales in the future. Remember to use fresh and innovative promotions instead of reposting the same old boring ones time and time again.  

One of the strategies you can consider is to offer promotions or discounts through email marketing or online advertisements. Collaborating with local businesses or participating in community events can also help raise awareness and attract potential customers. Additionally, maintaining a strong online presence through regular updates and engaging with customers can help build a positive reputation and attract more business for your restaurant.

Tip 4: Streamline Online Ordering


Online food delivery users in Singapore hit 2.75 million in 2021 and are forecast to grow to 3.46 million in 2024. A surefire online marketing tip for all restaurants or F&B businesses will be optimising menus. Well-designed menus ensure that more people can see them online and order the scrumptious dishes they have on offer. 

Tip 5: Send Out a Noteworthy Newsletter

If your restaurant or CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen has loyal customers or offers a niche style of cuisine, having a newsletter that delves deeper is a superb marketing strategy to gain more followers, which in turn may lead to an increase in overall sales. It is also worth mentioning anything that sets your establishment apart from the competition, such as if part of your proceeds goes towards supporting a particular charity.

You should consider several things before sending out newsletters to promote your restaurant. First, ensure that the newsletter content is relevant and engaging for your audience. This can include showcasing new menu items, promotions, or special events. Your newsletter’s design and layout of the newsletter should be visually appealing and easy to navigate. Lastly, sending out newsletters is a long-term marketing strategy, is also important to send newsletters at a consistent frequency and time to keep customers engaged. 

Tip 6: Offer Fruitful Freebies

Everyone loves freebies, so it will be worthwhile offering some such as digital coupons and free meals when people follow your F&B business or recommend it to someone else. This great marketing strategy not only grows your customer base but also means more money coming your restaurant’s way.

Tip 7: Run Awareness Ads

Brand awareness advertisements are yet another infallible marketing tool to drive your restaurant’s sales through the roof. By letting people know about your eatery or CloudKitchens® Delivery Kitchen and its story, along with what makes the food so special, you are bound to have a wave of new customers wanting to try what your restaurant has to offer.

Tip 8: Publish Brilliant Blogs

Many F&B businesses may not realise this, but having intriguing and informative blogs on your website will help them create a unique persona and send more traffic their way. And you know what that equates to – more customers, more sales, and more money! 

Tip 9: Have A Presence On Google

Google is a handy marketing tool for restaurants that want to boost their online presence, including on Google’s search engine and Maps function. If people can find your business and learn about your eatery and the type of cuisine you serve, they’ll be far more likely to order from you. This information can be edited at any time, so don’t worry if you change locations or anything.

Tip 10: Work With Influencers


Many influencers have risen to prominence over the years. Thus, aligning your F&B business with them will be a masterful marketing tactic to reap benefits. When influencers review your food on various social media channels, your restaurant will reach a wider audience. Check out the top 10 Singapore food bloggers and influencers that restaurants should work with here!

Online Marketing Mastery

Having provided 10 online marketing tips, it’s your time to shine. Make your online presence felt today and use it to take your business to unprecedented heights. Boost your restaurant’s sales and surpass your competition!

However, besides online marketing, another way to boost restaurant sales in Singapore is to launch a CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen. If interested, fill out the form below, and we will help you as much as we can!

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