March 25, 2022

Smart City Kitchens Customer Spotlight: Swiss Rosti Corner


Brought to you by the same team behind your favourite Swiss restaurant brand Marché Mövenpick, Swiss Rösti Corner by Marché Mövenpick is a new cloud kitchen outlet at Smart City Kitchens Tampines – ready to bring you the most authentic Swiss Röstis, tastiest sausages, and best value-for-money bundles in town!

Ordering Menu: Oddle, Deliveroo, Foodpanda

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Q: Why did you join Smart City Kitchens?

A: Cloud kitchens are a relatively new concept and we wanted to try them. We, at Swiss Rösti Corner, came across Smart City Kitchens online and they had a facility around the area that we wanted to test so we signed up.

Q: How has your business grown since starting with Smart City Kitchens?


A: A little too early to tell but joining Smart City Kitchens Tampines allowed us to cost-effectively test the demand for our new product and outlet, especially in the East region.

Q: What was life like before Smart City Kitchens? What is it like now?

A: Smart City Kitchens provided us with more flexibility in terms of testing out a brand new concept without the steep rental fees typically charged by other landlords and overhead costs associated with traditional restaurant operations.

Q: Would you recommend Smart City Kitchens to others in the restaurant industry? Why?

A: Sure, Smart City Kitchens and cloud kitchens, in general, are a great way to test out new ideas and concepts, and being on board SCK and joining a network of other F&B business owners and stakeholders also gives us more exposure as a brand.

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