1550 Bedok North Ave 4, Bedok Food City #04-18, Singapore 489950

Situated in one of the most population-dense neighbourhoods in Singapore, our Bedok kitchens are perfectly poised to cater to a huge influx of delivery orders. Restaurateurs can use these spaces to drive growth without taking all the risks typically deemed necessary.

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A collection of hi-tech kitchen spaces in Bedok

Capable of delivering to more than 650K people in the area, our Bedok kitchen spaces offer a full-service space for food delivery businesses to grow and operate in. Chinese and Singaporean cuisines are well-catered to, leaving plenty of other opportunities in the market.


High Population Area

A huge population means a diverse and large market to cater to.


Strong Market For Delivery

The population in Bedok embraces food delivery as part of daily life.


Easy Access For Drivers

Drivers can easily access your restaurant, making it highly efficient.


Low Competition Across Cuisines

With only about 3 restaurants per 1000 people, opportunity is rife.

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Great location in the right place

Kickstart your food delivery business at our facility in Bedok and cater to over 650,000 residents nearby. With only 3 restaurants per 1000 people, competition is relatively low in Bedok, and the top 10% of restaurants can expect an average of 322 orders each week.


650000 population within 15 minute drive of facility


Average spending power per order


Restaurants in the area

  • Drive straight up to the processing centre
  • Highest population density area
  • Strong delivery orders
  • Quick connection to PIE express way

Kitchen types


Large kitchen

~230 sq ft

If you’re a larger or more established brand that can predict a quick and large influx of orders, a large kitchen space is the option for you. More complex equipment, processing lines, and bigger teams can be nicely accommodated here to pump out lots of delivery orders.

Suitable cuisine


Chinese Food






Standard kitchen

~150 sq ft

If you don’t think you can make full use of a large kitchen space or are running a brand new food delivery business, standard kitchens are always an intelligent choice. They give enough room to grow without weighing you down with unnecessary costs and risks like a traditional restaurant would.

Suitable cuisine






Small kitchen

~100 sq ft

Looking to test the waters for a new cuisine, market, or business? Rent one of our smaller kitchen spaces and see how it goes. Changing kitchen sizes later on isn’t a hassle, so there’s no risk here.

Suitable cuisine


Singaporean Food



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