59 Jalan Pemimpin, #01-03 & #01-04, Singapore 577218

Delivery, take-away, and dine-in for 365,000 within a 15-minute drive. AMK/Bishan offers modern restaurateurs the opportunity to scale and grow within Singapore without overbearing risk and using state-of-the-art kitchen technology.

/ About

A collection of restaurants in the heart of Bishan

With low competition across cuisines, plenty of parking in the area, and lots of residential complexes within a stone’s throw, Bishan has attracted a wide range of restaurant brands.

Huge Order Volume Potential

365,000 people within 15 minutes of the facility.

Low Competition Across Cuisines

Competition is low, with Japanese cuisine being both in high-demand and under-supplied.

High Income Residential Area

Lots of orders coming from high-income residences.

High Local Population

Plenty of opportunity for local cuisine.

/ Location

Great location in the right place

With a population of 365,000 residents within a 15-minute drive from the facility, there’s a huge food delivery market near Bishan waiting to be tapped. Multiple bus lines, Marymount MRT and Bishan MRT are all within walking distance, making these kitchen spaces highly connected and versatile.


within a 15-minute drive of the facility


Average spending power per order


Restaurants in the area

  • 5-minute walk to multiple bus lines
  • 7-11 minutes to Marymount MRT and Bishan MRT
  • Directly within high income residential area

Kitchen types

Large kitchen

230 sq ft

If you run a larger or more established business, consider moving into one of our large kitchen spaces. There’s space here to grow and expand, offering you the perfect base to consolidate and serve as many customers as possible from a hi-tech kitchen space.

Suitable cuisine

Chinese Food


Western Food


150 sq ft

Our mid-sized standard kitchen spaces are perfect for brands who want some wiggle room for growth, but at the same time don’t want to over commit in a new neighbourhood or cuisine. 

Suitable cuisine

Chinese Food

Japanese Food


100 sq ft

Smaller kitchen spaces designed for smaller brands who have simpler kitchen processes or simply want to experiment with new ideas before transitioning into a bigger space.

Suitable cuisine


Western Food

Chinese Food

Check out the brands that are available in this facility.

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