Clementi Collective

25 Pandan Crescent, Basement, Singapore 128477

Strategically located at the heart of a thriving Singapore new town, Clementi Collective is an ideal location for food delivery businesses looking to make their mark and access a nearly-untapped residential population.

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Kitchen facilities primed to drive growth

Clementi Collective offers its collection of restaurant businesses the opportunity to tap into a promising market with unusually low competition, high average order volume, and much more.


High Growth Potential For New Brands

Set up your new brand or branch out to a new neighbourhood.


Low Competition Across Cuisines

We’ve identified opportunities for certain cuisines to thrive in Clementi.


High Average Volume Per Order

With plenty of condos and businesses in the area, potential customers have high purchasing power.


Suitable For Islandwide Delivery

Centrally-located and well-connected to the rest of Singapore.

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Great location in the right place

Restaurants at Clementi Collective have 330,000 customers within a 12-minute drive, while Clementi Central, Singapore Poly and NUS are all just minutes away.


Within 15-minute drive of the kitchen facility


Average Order Spend


Restaurants in the area

  • 1-story kitchen facility in Clementi
  • 5 minutes to Clementi Central
  • 7 minutes to Singapore Polytechnic and NUS
  • High density of condos and businesses

Kitchen types


Large kitchen

~230 sq ft

If you run a more established and larger business who can confidently and comfortably expand to a new neighbourhood, a large CloudKitchen® is the space for you. They can accommodate more complex kitchens, larger pieces of equipment, and more staff.

Suitable cuisine


Chinese food


Korean Food




Standard kitchen

~150 sq ft

Standard kitchens are the perfect middle ground for food delivery businesses that want a mix of flexibility and growth potential, yet without too much risk.

Suitable cuisine


Korean Food


Indian food


Small kitchen

~100 sq ft

For those that want to test out a new idea or neighbourhood or have a brand new food delivery business, small kitchens allow you to hit the ground running without an intimidating level of commitment.

Suitable cuisine


Chinese Food



Check out the brands that are available in this facility.

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