Serangoon North

55 Serangoon North Ave 4, S9 Building #01-02/19/20, Singapore 555859

Well-connected and bursting with over 1.4 million customers, Serangoon North is one of the best and most strategic places to be in if you run an up-and-coming food delivery business.

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Delivery and take-away food options in Serangoon North

With low competition and over 1.4 million people in the vicinity, Serangoon North offers extremely promising conditions for food delivery businesses looking to go big in the Lion City.


Extremely High Local Population Density

Lots of residents and visitors means lots of orders.


Undersupply Of Food Options

With an undersupply of food options, growth is natural.


Young/ Tech Savvy  Population

Sell to a new gen that loves food delivery options.


Very Well Connected

Plenty of bus routes and MRT stations nearby.

/ Location

Great location in the right place

Serving a massive 1.4 million people within a 15-minute drive, Serangoon North is one of the best places to kickstart a food delivery business. 13% of the city’s population is served by a mere 1700 restaurants at present, while abundant parking spaces and a high average spending power mean business is fruitful.


within 15 minute drive of the facility


Average spending power


Restaurants in the area

  • Abundant parking for riders and loading
  • Low competition across cuisines
  • Near 2 MRT lines interchange

Kitchen types


Large kitchen

~230 sq ft

Start big in a large kitchen space and give yourself room to grow and expand. Our larger kitchen spaces are perfect for brands who expect lots of orders, complex kitchen arrangements, or larger pieces of equipment.

Suitable cuisine


Italian food


Fast food




Standard kitchen

~150 sq ft

Mid-sized kitchen spaces are the perfect middle of the road solution. They give you space to grow and expand as well as fulfil more orders, but aren’t too big that there could be wasted space while your brand is picking up steam.

Suitable cuisine




Italian food


Small kitchen

~100 sq ft

Our small kitchens are designed for new and upcoming businesses who want to test the waters for a particular cuisine or market without too much associated cost.

Suitable cuisine


Fast food



Check out the brands that are available in this facility.

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