Build F&B Brands with our Virtual Kitchens?

Here at Smart City Kitchens, we are on a mission to revolutionise the next stage of the food and beverage industry. We are accomplishing this by empowering Singapore’s entrepreneurs and restaurateurs with a premium selection of virtual kitchen solutions – spaces that are designed for delivery-only food businesses.

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What are the virtual kitchen solutions in Singapore like?

Our state-of-the-art virtual kitchens in Singapore are perfectly optimised for food-delivery businesses intent on keeping costs low and profits high. Our kitchens boast anywhere from 20-32 units, some of which even have dine-in availability if your customers prefer to eat in.

/ Kitchen Specs

Your virtual kitchen made to order

These virtual kitchens are a one of a kind turnkey solution that are designed for optimal cooking, so you know that you can start running your business effectively from day one.


  • Driver pickup area
  • Receiving & loading dock
  • Staff pantry
  • Restrooms


  • Order pickup & processing
  • Courier handoff
  • Cleaning & maintenance
  • Safety & health inspections
  • Delivery logistics
  • Extraction & ventilation
  • On-site support staff
  • Insurance
  • 24/7 Access


  • 2 Compartment sinks
  • 2 Prep sinks
  • Hand wash sink
  • Commercial exhaust hood
  • Tempered air
  • Power and gas
  • Grease-trap/interceptor
  • Cold & freezer storage
  • Dry storage / Dry rack
  • Extraction & ventilation


  • Gas points
  • Power outlets
  • Gas/fire safety system
  • WiFi
  • Fire suppression systems

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How does virtual kitchen work?

    Virtual kitchens (or virtual restaurants or brands) use dark or ghost kitchens to prepare and cook food for one more brand, then deliver the food to customers via delivery platforms such as GrabFood, foodpanda or Deliveroo. Virtual kitchens can cook up new brands quickly with a new menu in the same kitchen in just a few weeks.

  2. How much does a virtual kitchen cost?

    The cost of a virtual kitchen depends on the location and size (standard, small or large). In addition, it depends on the equipment needed to prepare and cook food. The standard monthly fee starts from S$2500.

  3. Are virtual kitchens profitable?

    Yes, with minimal upfront investment and lower staff cost, it greatly reduces the upfront risks and operational costs for experienced restaurant owners or new entrepreneurs. Together with a well-planned menu and marketing, virtual kitchens show promising results and profit, especially during this pandemic.

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