May 13, 2022

10 Best Healthy Food Delivery Service Companies in Singapore



Whipping up scrumptious yet healthy food yourself can be a cumbersome process. Skip tracking the nutrition in each ingredient or selecting the freshest ingredients by ordering hearty and nutritious meals to your doorstep! Whether it’s from one of the many food delivery service platforms available in Singapore or a bespoke meal plan that caters to your specific needs, we at Smart City Kitchens have curated a list of the best healthy food delivery companies for you:

RankNamePrice Range
1Grain$10.95 – 19.95 per meal
2YoloFood$11.50 – 17.50 per meal
3Nutrify Prep$10 – $ 20 per meal
4AMGD$12 – $17 per meal
5Fit Three$11.30 – 13.90 per meal
6Fresher$11.50 – 17.50 per meal
7Lean Bento$8.90 – 16.90 per meal
8Lagun Sari Kitchen$10.80 – $13 per meal
9Kipos Gourmet$10 – $19 per meal
10Eatable$10 – $28 per meal

1. Grain

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Grain serves wholesome meals created by their R&D team that experiments with nutritious ingredients, herbs, spices and more to bring out the best flavour in every meal. At Grain, you can order Meals on Demand or build a Meal Plan for yourself and have healthy food delivered to you daily. There are a plethora of dishes that suit different dietary requirements – vegetarian, gluten-free, etc. Looking for healthy food for your children? Grain also delivers fun and nutritious food for your little ones!

2. YoloFood

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YoloFood offers a holistic solution to level up your health game through foods and wellness. There are 4 healthy meal plans to choose from: Weight Loss Meal Plan, Vegetarian Meal Plan, Eat Clean Meal Plan, and Low Carb Meal Plan. YoloFood even has an in-house Olympic-certified nutritionist, Jane Freeman (Accredited Practicing Dietitian & IOC Sports Nutritionist), who helps to create nutritious and healthy food. So, if you’re looking to make those gains or adhere to a strict diet, YoloFood is among the very best food delivery services in Singapore.

3. Nutrify Prep

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Nutrify Prep provides a tasty and healthy meal delivery service in Singapore. Aside from the basic meal plans, you can even order vacuum-packed ingredients like Minced Beef, Turkey Thyme, Oven Baked Pumpkin and Baked Cauliflower. You no longer need to take the hassle of prepping these ingredients yourself.


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AMGD stands for Ahhmahgawd! The company aims to make customers feel good after having AMGD’s Ahmahzing meals. AMGD is a delicious, healthy meal-plan based food delivery service in Singapore enabled by technology. Dishes are delivered anywhere from AMGD’s kitchen right to your doorstep. Every menu is curated by chefs and a team of expert dieticians and nutritionists.

5. Fit Three

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FitThree is a new service that provides convenient, healthy meals for the week by working together with talented chefs to develop optimised meal plans with tasty recipes. Simply order on FitThree’s website and choose to pick up your meals at selected gyms or have your meals delivered to your doorstep!

6. Fresher

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Looking for  delicious, proper food in the comfort of your own space that’s nutritious and very much well deserved? Order your healthy and delicious meal from Fresher! Fresher has a variety of healthy meal plans suited for everyone. Their services range from preparing keto-friendly to pre and post-workout meals. They also provide delivery options for residents of Singapore for orders above $135.00.

  • Fresher’s Website
  • Follow Fresher on Facebook and Instagram
  • Fresher’s Menu
  • Price range: ~ $11.50-17.50 per meal
  • Delivery Fee: The minimum to checkout is $30, with a flat rate delivery charge of $15 island-wide and all time slots. Free delivery if you checkout with $130 and above.
  • Contact details: +65 9137 0180 or 

7. Lean Bento

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Lean Bento is a food delivery service in Singapore that offers healthy bento meals with a variety of proteins like Chicken Breast, Salmon, and Tofu Balls. There are also Flexi Meal Plans catered for Families, Maternity Meal Plans, Muscles Meal Plans, and Lean Meal Plans. Lean Bento does not use preservatives and Monosodium glutamate (MSG) in its dishes, making it a trusted source for healthy food delivery.

8. Lagun Sari Kitchen

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Widely known as one of Singapore’s leading Malay/Muslim wedding service providers, Lagun Sari Kitchen also has a healthy food delivery plan- the F45 Challenge Meal Plan. Collect your meal at any F45 outlet or have the meals delivered right to your doorstep. The meal plan consists of delicious dishes from different cuisines. From Zamboanga Turmeric Coconut Seabass to Chinese Style Glazed Chicken Thigh and Thai Green Curry Chicken, there are plenty of scrumptious delicacies to tantalise your tastebuds.

9. Kipos Gourmet

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Derived from the Greek word κήπος (garden), KIPOS Gourmet showcases a wide variety of fresh and ready-to-eat foods that are designed conveniently for the on-the-go individual. At Kipos Gourmet, you can build your own bowl or select from a range of thoughtfully designed menu options catered for specific diets (keto, paleo, and plant-based) so you can stay on track and achieve your goals. They also offer delivery services, so take the time to plan your meals with the healthy meal options offered.

10. Eatable

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Eatable helps people lead fulfilling lives by providing fresh and delicious food choices. The company offers healthy Meal Plans in 1 week or 2 weeks package, sent hot to you. They also deliver a wide variety of à la carte dishes, including yummy dishes like Thai Basil Chicken Tagliatelle, Hong Kong Style Curry Brisket and Keto Char Siew Konjac Fried Rice.

  • Eatable’s Website
  • Follow Eatable on Facebook and Instagram
  • Eatable’s Menu
  • Price range: ~$10-$28
  • Delivery Rates: Free standard shipping for Meal Plan orders $150.00 and above. Ala Carte and orders under $100.00 ship with $8.00 flat rate shipping. Delivery time within Singapore is 1 business day for 1st order or Meal Plan.
  • Contact details:

With many healthy food delivery services available in Singapore, people now have greater access and choice to wholesome cuisine that delivers both taste and nutritional value.

If you are interested in starting your own healthy food delivery service in Singapore and cooking up healthy meal plans for the masses, consider opening a CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen! Simply fill out the form below, and we will help you as best we can!

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