Top 10 Singapore food bloggers & (KOL) influencers that restaurants should work with


As an F&B business owner in Singapore, you’re probably aware of how important marketing and having a digital presence is to your overall success. Considering how quickly this industry moves and changes, it’s critical to be at the forefront of the latest trends when it comes to getting more customers.

If you haven’t created alliances with food bloggers yet, the time to start is now! Singapore’s most-followed food bloggers can get up to one million visitors a month. That’s a lot of exposure for a cloud kitchen that’s trying to increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

The same is true for top KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and influencers. In a 2020 Singapore consumer study, over 50% of the respondents reported that they purchased a product because it was endorsed by an influencer. If you have a respected KOL or influencer speaking highly of your cloud kitchen restaurant and how delicious your food is, people will be more likely to give your menu a try.To help you identify where to make connections to boost your cloud kitchen business, we’ve put together this list of top 10 food bloggers and influencers in Singapore that your restaurant should



As Singapore’s most-read online food media publication dedicated to F&B reviews, is the place to be! The business started as a personal blog (as the name implies) but is now a giant enterprise with a staff of multiple writers. As far as getting your restaurant the most exposure possible, this is the way to go!

  • 3 million average page views and over 1 million unique visitors monthly
  • Over 400k followers on Facebook
  • 128k followers on Instagram

2. Miss Tam Chiak


For an authentic connection with a top influencer/KOL in Singapore, your cloud kitchen should join forces with renowned foodie and food blogger, Maureen Ow (aka, Miss Tam Chiak). Maureen started her food-dedicated website in 2007 that is now considered one of Singapore’s top blogs.

  • Over 1 million monthly page views
  • Over 159k followers on Facebook
  • 177k followers on Instagram
  • Started the CHIAK podcast, “About Food and Everything Else”

3. LadyIronChef


Ladyironchef prides itself on featuring honest reviews about food, restaurants, travel, and lifestyle products from Singapore and other countries. It’s Singapore’s leading food and travel website that is quite a leap from its beginnings as a simple blog in 2007.

4. DanielFoodDiary

daniel-food-diary-profile-picture-cheesy-food-laksa focuses primarily on providing reviews of Singapore’s best and new restaurants, although it does also feature some international eatery reviews. Former celebrity blogger for the Singapore Press Holding’s, Daniel Ang started this site in 2011 as a reflection of his passion for all things food.

  • 2 million page views and 1.4 million unique page views monthly
  • 382k followers on Facebook
  • 264k followers on Instagram

5. I Eat I Shoot I Post


This blog focuses on giving its readers the latest on the best hawker food, new restaurants, recipes, ingredients, and more. The man behind it all is Dr. Leslie Tay, a top KOL well versed with Singapore food – he even co-hosted the TV show “8 Days Eat” in 2013. As a family doctor and famous foodie, Dr. Tay and his site are well respected so their endorsement will greatly benefit your business!

  • Over 160k unique page views monthly
  • Over 307K fan page likes on Facebook
  • 149k followers on Instagram

6. EatBook


Eatbook is a food site that specialises in undercover reviews and Facebook videos to help their Singaporean followers discover new food. Besides their social media following, they also have a dedicated food-focused YouTube channel.

7. Exploding Belly


If you’re looking for an authentic, local top food blogger and KOL in Singapore, Clara Chua is your person. From her food guides to her extensive list of Singapore food restaurant options, she’s got it covered.

8. theRantingPanda


theRantingPanda started in 2012 as an online platform where writers rant about food, featuring Food Scoops about new food options worth checking out and Travel and Food Escapades for a more international scope.

9. The Halal Food Blog


This popular blog is considered the top guide in Singapore for Halal food. If this fits your cloud kitchen and its menu offerings, be sure to check this one out.

10. Sg Food On Foot


Derrick Tan is the mastermind behind this food blog that is now recognised as one of the top 10 food blogs in all of Singapore. He’s not a professional food critic, but his following makes him a top influencer in Singapore when it comes to food.

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