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Our kitchen studio rental solutions are offering restaurant brands and F&B operators the chance to experiment, test, and dip their toes in a new market within weeks.

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Why rent a commercial kitchen in Singapore?

Restaurants across Singapore are constantly adapting to the latest trends, new technologies, and changing consumer habits. More often than not, restaurants go out of business simply because they fail to keep up with the ever-changing industry.

In the past, opening a new brick-and-mortar restaurant could take years of hard work, with high upfront costs and little guarantee of success. With the advent of kitchen studio rentals, however, this is no longer the case. Kitchen rental spaces allow restaurateurs to access fully equipped kitchens in prime locations without the hassle of long-term leases or maintenance fees. The risk associated with opening new locations and experimenting with new food ideas is greatly reduced.

Apart from lower upfront investment, cooking studio rentals offer the utmost flexibility. You’ll be able to rent spaces with shorter leases (usually 12 months), scale up and down effortlessly, and forget about the time-consuming licensing paperwork associated withopening new restaurant locations.

Kitchen Solution

Your kitchen studio rental in Singapore includes:

Our state-of-the-art rental kitchens in Singapore are perfectly optimised for food-delivery businesses intent on keeping costs low and profit margins high. Our kitchen studios boast anywhere from 20-32 units in each location, some of which even have dine-in spaces, which further increase order sales.

The size of kitchen rental spaces available


Large kitchen

~230 sq ft

This size space is normally used by more established businesses or those who are confident they will get a considerable customer base straight away. Larger cooking studio rentals are also often used by brands that require a more complex kitchen arrangement or more equipment.

Suitable cuisine


Chinese Food


Western Food


Asian Food


Standard kitchen

~150 sq ft

Our mid-sized kitchen studio rentals are perfect for a wide range of businesses. This space is designed to be large enough for flexibility and growth and small enough if you are experimenting with a new concept.

Suitable cuisine


Chinese Food


Asian Food


Pizza / Bistro Food


Small kitchen

~100 sq ft

Our smaller commercial kitchens for rent are perfect for those who want to test out a new location, cuisine, or brand. Especially with short-term leases, the risk associated with a smaller space is low, while the knowledge gained from using them is invaluable when growing your business.

Suitable cuisine




Asian Food

We have commercial kitchens available for rent in densely populated areas with high food delivery demand. Our kitchen facilities are optimised for seamless delivery pick-ups with our processing centre and robot runners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to rent a kitchen in Singapore?

It costs around SGD 3500 to SGD 5000 per month to rent a kitchen space with sizes ranging from 100 sq ft to 230 sq ft. This excludes processing fees, equipment fees, and other deposits required. However, this fee usually includes maintenance, insurance, operations, and integration with delivery platforms.

What is the minimum lease duration for a kitchen rental space?

A minimum lease duration of 12 months means that there is next to no commitment involved with delivery kitchens. If a location isn’t working out for you, we’re happy to help you adjust your operations.

What benefit does a small kitchen for rent have over a larger one?

Renting a small kitchen from 100 sq ft to 230 sq ft has even less cost associated with it. If you want to test a brand, cuisine, or location, smaller kitchens provide more flexibility for you to find the best business model before committing to anything bigger or more long-term.

What if I decide I need a bigger or smaller space?

The nature of kitchen rental spaces is that your business can flex in any direction it wants. Moving into bigger or smaller spaces – or expanding into new locations – is as easy as it sounds.

Can kitchen rental spaces be customised to my restaurant type?

Absolutely. Each kitchen space can be customised with a unique set of equipment and arrangements that work for your restaurant types, cooking, and chef needs.

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