July 16, 2021

Success Stories – How Smart City Kitchens has helped restaurants grow


The pandemic has changed just about everything in our daily routines – including the way we eat. Making way for new success stories and best practices in the F&B industry. Dine-in restaurants are simply not the same anymore – even while they were open, restrictions for a maximum of five people (eight at the time of this article) meant that larger gatherings were illegal – or simply irresponsible.

But people still need food, and restaurants need to adapt in order to survive. Many turned to delivery options, including GrabFood, Foodpanda, Deliveroo, and many others. Given the situation, it was, and still is, a smart move. The only problem was that their pre-existing kitchen spaces and restaurants weren’t optimised for this shift. Dine-in areas were left empty while rent was still due. Some of the more forward-thinking and savvy restaurateurs decided to take the plunge and move into a relatively new industry – CloudKitchens® delivery kitchens. It’s been roughly a year since then, and results have started to show.

Here are testimonials from some of our success stories: Restaurants that have moved into our delivery spaces and found bounties of success.

Jollibee Singapore

Our business sales have grown multiple times by partnering with Smart City Kitchens. The strategic, high-demand locations in Tampines and Clementi let us serve new customers who are working from home in residential areas.

Alex Serrano – Jollibee

Tampines Food Co., Clementi Collective
Alex Serrano
Country Operations Head, Jollibee Singapore
Facebook, Instagram


Smart City Kitchens is the best choice to serve new customers quickly without spending a lot compared to opening a restaurant. Given that we already have 10 outlets, expansion can be expensive. Because of Smart City Kitchens, we can enjoy fast expansion at lower upfront costs.

Joey Lee – PokeTheory

Tampines Food Co., Clementi Collective, CENTRAL
Joey Lee
Co-Founder, Poke Theory
Website, Facebook, Instagram


Smart City Kitchens has provided food entrepreneurs like us a low cost, scalable platform to experiment with our new concept without worrying too much on the cashflow. We get to save a great deal of time and money, including utilities, pest control and maintenance costs.

Ketomei – Constant Tong

Constant Tong
Co-Founder, Poke Theory
Website, Facebook, Instagram

We provide support in every occasion

At Smart City Kitchens, we don’t just look at success from one single perspective. No matter the time or situation, our team is here to assist.

Recently, one of our CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen clients left their equipment on overnight – after they had left the premises. We were notified at 11:53 pm on Friday night that a fire had broken out. As soon as our sprinkler system activated, the fire was put out, and our operations team was at the scene within 10 minutes. No injuries were sustained, and the Singapore Fire and Police departments were on the scene to investigate.

Typically, this is where the kitchen owner would have to notify insurance companies, gas providers, electricians, building management, and sprinkler contractors. They would also need to organize cleaning and pay for the replacement or repair of equipment.

However, this client didn’t have to do any of the above. Part of our delivery kitchen service includes us handling everything in events like these, while our insurance plan saved them from SGD 20,000 worth of damages.

We understand that accidents happen and have preventive measures to make sure they cause as minimal trouble as possible.

At the end of the day, success doesn’t just mean making short-term profits.

Success to us means giving your business the ability to grow and securing plans to weather the worst of scenarios, like this one. In a delivery kitchen with us, you alleviate all these worries and concerns and provide your restaurant the platform it needs to succeed and grow sustainably and safely.

What could have been the end of their business turned out just to be another regular day.

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